Well Tests Overview

Well test fall into several categories. The most popular are well tests for:

Real Estate or Financing Transactions, well tests for Regulatory Agency Acceptance, and Aquifer testing. View the sections below for more detail.

Well tests for this category are generally very limited in the actual information obtained. Generally speaking the procedure for a well test of this type is to temporarily install a flow meter or other measuring device at the well head, then run the well for a determined amount of time while measuring the output flow of the pump. In some instances a water level measuring device is installed in the well and the water levels measured at the same time. For more detailed information see Well Tests for Real Estate or Financing Transactions.

To order a Well Test go to our"Well Test Order Form" read and follow the directions.

Well tests for this category are generally more detailed than the Real Estate Transaction well test. Regulatory Agency's each have their own criteria for well tests. Examples of such criteria can range from well test lasting as short as 4 hours to as long as several days. Well test in this category require a high degree of accuracy with the data collection. For more information go to the "72 hr. well tests" page.

To order a Well Test for compliance for a regulatory agency Contact the Main Office.

Aquifer testing is a highly specialized project that can involve many weeks and sometimes months of study. This type of well test is generally organized and managed by a hydrologist or geo-hydrologest.