Well Tests

Real Estate or Financing Transactions

Well tests for real estate transactions or as requested by a lending institution provides as a general rule a brief overview of the well's actual production capacity. When the well test is preformed correctly it can also give the customer a relative representation of the overall condition of the water system.

Here are some of the things a good well test report will identify.

  • Casing Diameter
  • Condition of the surface piping
  • The type of distribution system
  • The type and size of storage tanks
  • The number and size of any pressure pumps
  • The number of users on the system
  • The condition of the electric controls
  • The gallons per minute the pump that is currently in the well and in its present condition is discharging.
  • Generally the size of the pumps
  • Any chemical analysis that may have been completed in conjunction with the test.

How is a well test performed?

A well test begins by filling out the "Well Test Order Form". After filling out the form, follow the directions for returning it by fax to the main office. Once we receive the properly completed order form, the well test is scheduled, and the customer notified of the date and time of the test.

The test begins long before the technicians arrive on the job site. Our office staff researches past records of work that may have been performed at the well site and makes note of data such as well depths, pump information, condition of equipment, and any other note worthy information on file. Once the data is researched, a work order is filed, then dispatched to the technician. When the technician arrives at the well site, a visual assessment is performed of the surface condition of the piping, equipment, electrical, and tanks. After completing the visual inspection, the flow test is performed and the data collected. The technician returns to the office and completes the field work order, submitting it to the office staff for final production. The office staff prepares the final report, and distributes to the customer.